Dryer spare parts

The tumble dryer no longer runs, it no longer heats up, it makes the house break down or it makes an abnormal noise, this does not indicate that it is good for the waste disposal. Who buys a new dryer when the lint filter is pierced? In order to continue to retain the textile fibres, it is easy to find a new lint filter and to change this appliance spare part.

To get the dryer working again, a simple repair is usually possible. The faulty part of the dry er must be found and replaced:

  • The dryer does not run any more, check the belt and the pulley, then check the capacitor and the motor (carbon brushes, tachometer);
  • the laundry is not dry, check the resistance and the thermostat, then check the fan as well. It is also necessary to clean the filter and the condenser because they must not be clogged ;
  • the tumble dryer does not start, the door safety could be defective or the electronic board could be faulty;

To replace a drain hose or even the electronic board or a switch, it doesn't take much time. A few minutes and in most cases, for less than 50 euros, the dryer is as good as new, a victory for the environment.

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