Fryer spare parts

A deep fryer won't start, a light comes on, a machine beeps or fries that remain raw, this is no reason to buy a new machine. Who buys a new fryer when the basket is pierced? To continue making French fries, it is easy to find a spare part like the basket and change it.

The fault indicates which part of the deep fryer is involved:

  • the oil is cold and the fries aren't cooked, it's the resistance that needs to be changed, unless it's a thermostat problem;
  • the fryer leaks, just replace the lid or even just the gasket;
  • the fryer smells bad, maybe it's time to change the oil filter;
  • the fryer won' t start, it's either a problem with the programmer or simply the switch button.

A fryer spare part is usually inexpensive and replacing it will solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

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