Dish washer spare parts

A water leak in the kitchen, the dishwasher won't start, a light flashes or the dishes come out cold or even dirty? A broken appliance can be repaired. Who buys a new dishwasher when the drainpipe is pierced? To avoid flooding, it's easy to find the spare appliance part and change it.

The breakdown of a dishwasher allows the identification of the defective part (s) of the dishwasher:

  • water at the bottom of the tank at the end of the wash, it is the drain pump that needs to be changed, but it is sometimes a float problem or a stuck non-return valve ;
  • wet and cold dishes after washing, it's the resistance or the thermostat that measures its temperature that doesn't work anymore;
  • water on the kitchen floor a door seal is torn or worn, or the washing arm is cracked or a hose, water inlet or drain pipe is cut;
  • the dishwasher won't start, you have to look at the door safety or the motor or even the electronic board;
  • no more water in the appliance or, on the contrary, if it fills up without stopping, then the culprits are the pressure switch, the solenoid valve or the aquastop;
  • the dishes are dirty, with lots of traces, either it is the cyclic pump that does not circulate the water in the machine, the filler that is clogged or the product box that does not open anymore.

In the vast majority of cases, the replacement of a dishwasher spare part takes no more than 15 minutes and costs only a few dozen euros.

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